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Harvard CS50 — Full Computer Science University Course

Richard Ogujawa
1 min readSep 2, 2023
Harvard CS50 Full University Course

My goal before the MS Data Science course starts in a couple of weeks is to go over all the things that were taught to us during the preparatory classes in June this year (2023) to remind myself of some of the concepts we grappled with, and also dig a little deeper so that I’ll be better equipped for what’s ahead of me come the start of the course this fall.

The Harvard CS50 course is 24 hours long and covers things like C, Data Structures, Algorithms and core web development languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript. However, as per my goal of getting better acquainted with the course material that I’ll be dealing with soon, I decided to only focus on the segment on SQL, and from here I’ll move on to doing another course in Excel.

The goal is to go over Python, SQL, and Excel. If time permits, I would also love to do this Free Code Camp course which combines all of those tools and languages and utilises them as a data scientist would.