Entry 012 — Design Analysis (Sottsass Associati)

Topic Covered: The Informative Potential of Asymmetry

Once again asymmetrical design is used in this piece, like the last one I talked about, to create a dynamic piece. However, I believe in this case, that the deviation being referred to it’s not referring to deviation from the norm, but rather a deviation from what the general public’s knowledge base/ understanding is.
In a sense he (Ettore Sottsass) is breaking down (which is possibly represented by the breaking down of his photo into smaller divisions) something that we thought we knew well and took for granted — the color red. He takes this and unpacks more layers of meaning associated with the color, which is present in his quote:

“Every color has a history. Red is the color of the Communist flag, the color that makes a surgeon move faster and the color of passion.”

To clarify, I’m not saying that people don’t understand or know the concept of color theory to some degree.

One more than likely is already aware of associations like the following, as shown by the color wheel:

Color Wheel GIF

However, when it comes to looking at it from a historical stand-point, the change in the use-cases of the color over time may not be a subject that the general public, including myself, may be necessarily well-versed in, or as well-versed in as they would like to be.

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